Senior Care Includes Transportation in White Plains, NY


Find out how transportation services can benefit senior care in White Plains, NY.


Many seniors no longer drive. Others find the lengthy walk and wait for public transportation to be impossible given their physical condition. Others, still, may worry about their safety as they walk alone in a neighborhood, wait at bus stops, or attempt to hail a cab. The result is a vast number of seniors who choose to stay home instead of venturing outside. The resulting physical and social isolation leads to loneliness as well as many serious medical conditions.


The good news is that Comfort Keepers offers transportation options that make running errands, shopping, meeting up with friends, keeping appointments, and so forth easy. In fact, it takes just a single call to arrange pick-up, drop-off, return trips, etc. Vehicles are equipped to handle walkers, wheel chairs, and other assistive devices, and drivers are trained to accommodate the special needs of seniors.


Senior Care & Transportation in White Plains, NY


Unlike most transportation services, Comfort Keepers offers transportation as a part of a larger senior care program. This means that other services, such as physical assistance, mental support, and companionship seamlessly integrate with transportation services. Additionally, services are available around the clock and throughout the year not according to a business schedule that is great for companies but often useless for seniors who wish to travel early in the morning, on weekends, or during holidays.


Research clearly indicates that getting out of the house is important for a senior's physical and mental health. Whether it is to take care of business, socialize, or simply get some fresh air. A lack of transportation seriously impairs this ability and limits a senior’s independence, freedom, and sense of well-being. With Comfort Keepers transportation services, seniors never need to feel isolated, stranded, helpless, or homebound again.


For more information about Comfort Keepers commitment to senior care, independence, and quality of life, or the many ways transportation services can enhance your loved one's ability to age with dignity, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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