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Transitioning Home with Homecare Assistance New Castle Township, NY


learn how homecare assistance can help seniors make the transition from the hospital to home.


The trip home from the hospital after discharge is generally a happy time, but for most seniors transitioning home is just the start of a recovery process and not the end of treatment. In fact, in the majority of cases, the first days and weeks after hospitalization determine the overall success of care. For many seniors, this is a hard reality as transitioning home places them in a situation of increased vulnerability.


Homecare Assistance for Transitioning Seniors in New Castle Township, NY


There are many concerns that can be put to rest with adequate homecare assistance. Some of the primary concerns for seniors transitioning home include:


            1.  Is my current home setup accessible to me given my current state of mobility? Many times stairs, narrow walkways, and changes in levels between flooring can create obstacles and fall hazards. Solutions include creating a temporary bedroom downstairs, using a mobile toilet, and so forth.


            2.  What new medications must I deal with? Medication mismanagement is the primary reason for senior re-hospitalization. It is important to have a clear understanding of what medication is to be taken, when it must be taken, and how.


            3.  Do I have the necessary supplies on hand? Many times there are specific therapies and treatments including wound management and OT that require specific tools, supplies, and assistive devices. These are items usually not found in a senior's home. Somebody needs to purchase them and get them ready prior to the senior transitioning home since they will likely have limited mobility and transportation restrictions once they get there.


            4.  Is it safe for me to be alone? Many procedures and treatments leave a senior in an altered state or with less than optimal cognitive or physical abilities. They may not be able to function safely when by themselves and should have somebody with them until they regain lucidity and mobility.


Should the answer to any of these questions leave a senior feeling stressed or concerned with their situation, Comfort Keepers can help. Comfort Keepers specializes in homecare assistance, including hospital to home transitions. Their expert caregivers can ensure the home is safe and prepared, oversee medication management, coordinate supplies and equipment, and be with the senior as necessary, including 24-hour, round-the-clock supervision and homecare assistance if needed.

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